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The Shire is a new San Diego based Deep Dubstep conglomerate. Their vision is to change the San Diego bass scene and establish more of a bass community within the best place in America! The Shire’s founders have experienced the bass scene in other parts of the country and believe there is so much potential for San Diego to be the newest home for underground bass music.

Famous underground talent managers and booking agents have described San Diego’s bass scene as a “dead city” and we have erupted the tidal wave of bass to change that. We believe there is a stigma in SoCal around the word “dubstep”, in a city over run by house and techno music people fear that bass music is screechy, high energy, in your face music with hype drops, when in fact bass music is such a broad umbrella.

Under the bass umbrella you can go back to the roots of dubstep, the “b-side” of it, where you find deep dubstep. The idea behind deep dubstep is that heaviness is created through sound design rather than high energy hype drops. Deep dubstep is more simplified, where every sound and sample is heard clearly rather than distorted under 20 different sounds where you can’t quite pick them out easily. Deep dubstep is more of a melodic bass line, where you find yourself moving your hips and shoulders in rhythm rather than breaking your neck. Listening to deep dubstep you can find yourself being able to feel spiritual and gangster all at the same time. In our experience anyone can get down with the deep, regardless of their preferred genre of music, becuase it is so easy to listen to you may decide it is your new favorite genre!

The Shire has partnered with Revel Revel to create a “Sanctuary of Sound” where bass lovers of San Diego can gather in a safe space every few months. Art of all form is pushed in The Shire , painters can come show off their work live, flow artists can come and connect with each other and show their art forms in the crowd, local business owners can come and sell their art and know it is appreciatedĀ  by local San Diegans. Our intentions are good. We don’t do it to make money off of the scene, we do it out of love for the scene, and out of love for our home, San Diego. After years of traveling around all over the country to see the artists we love, we decided enough was enough and it was time to bring the artists we love here!

While The Shire is new, the first event debut was a huge success with lots of love and support form the local bassheads who showed up. As we grow in the industry of San Diego we put all money earned from one event into the next and so on and so forth. The headliners will get bigger and bigger with each event, until soon we’ll have enough money to book some of the most respected producers in the game! With Revel Revel’s smaller space we will be able to have these awesome headliners in a more intimate and up close setting. It will be an experience you hold with you for the rest of your life, so stay with us and join us as we grow the bass scene to what we know it could be!

The roots of The Shire run deep my friends.

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